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Be Compliant with WorldStocks

Compliance procedures are a mandatory part of opening a fully-funded trading account at WorldStocks. Anti-money Laundering law dictates that WorldStocks ensures the security of your funds while at the same time prevent and detect money laundering and other suspicious activities

WorldStocks is bound by Anti-Money Laundering Laws and follows strict compliance procedures to ensure that your funds are always secure.

How to be compliant in only 4 steps?

Be compliant in 4 steps

Follow these simple steps to get your account verified and get full access to your new WorldStocks trading platform.

Gather all your compliance documents.

Take a clear picture (showing all 4 sides) or scan the documents.

Send the documents to [email protected] and wait for our Compliance team to verify your documents.

Your trading account will be fully verified and activated.

What documents do you need to submit?

1. Proof of Identity

When you register an account at WorldStocks, you have to provide personal information such your First and Last Name, Date of Birth, Phone number and Country. In order for WorldStocks to verify your personal information, the following documents are required;

Valid Passport (Photo and signature should be visible)

National ID Card (Front and Back)

2. Proof of Address

In order to confirm your residential address, you can provide any of the below-listed documents, as long as they are not older than 3 months.

Utility Bills
Landline Phone Bills
Bank Statements or Credit Card statements

3. Proof of Payment

The proof of payment is a necessary procedure that WorldStocks uses to secure your account, and provide additional security.

The proof of payment verification process is very simple. You only have to take a picture or scan the front and back of the card used to invest. (Other investment methods do not require Card verification as a proof of payment)

Make sure that only the last 4 digits on the front of card are visible and also make sure to sign on the signature panel at the back of the card.

Consequently, hide the CVV/CVC code on the back of the card (last 3 digits).

4. Transaction Authorisation Form (TAF)

In addition to the above-listed documents, WorldStocks requires traders to duly fill and sign a Transaction Authorization Form.

You can find your form here

Why WorldStocks verifies your documents?

Being a responsible Broker, WorldStocks has to identify and prevent any activities deemed suspicious.

Therefore, there are international financial laws and regulations that WorldStocks follows so that the security of our traders’ funds can never be compromised.

What happens to your documents?

WorldStocks is committed to respecting the confidentiality of any information submitted by its traders, therefore , any employee handling documents are bound to the above-forementioned confidentiality.

Your documents are securely stored on our encrypted servers and your privacy is respected at all times.

Should you have any queries about your documents, feel free to contact our compliance team at [email protected]

Should you have any queries about your documents, feel free to contact our compliance team at [email protected]