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Complaints Handling Policy

We acknowledge the right of a customer to complain and recognise the value of customer feedback both positive and negative in improving the services provided by our clients. We aim to provide the highest standard of service to our clients. To achieve this objective, we are committed to a fair, efficient and timely resolution of any complaint that we receive.

For any issues faced when using our online trading services, we highly recommend our clients to send us a complaint using the stipulated steps. Once your complaint received, our team will investigate and try to find a viable solution to resolve the issue(s). To make sure your complaint is dealt with the highest speed and efficiency, please follow these guidelines and use the form below to submit your complaint.

  • Customer’s name, account number and email address used to register
  • Explicit details about the technical issue(s) encountered or disagreement towards the services
  • Evidence that supports the complaint
  • To ensure swift response and fair assessment of the claim, you should provide the following:
    –   References for any correspondence between the company and the client.
    –   Time of availability and valid contact details for investigation purposes.

Fill in this form to submit your complaint: